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As 2018 draws to a close, we recall a year that began with French investigating judges clearing Dr. Hassan Diab unconditionally of all accusations and allowing him to return to his home and family in Canada.

The French Court of Appeal, however, has delayed its decision on whether to uphold the investigating judges finding of innocence. The delay by the Court of Appeal prolongs Hassan ordeal, while burdening him and his family with additional legal fees.

We must raise CAD $30,000 by the end of 2018 to cover the latest bill for Hassan’s legal defence in France.

We are more than halfway to our goal, as we have received CAD $17,260 CAD in donations so far.

Please help us raise the remaining balance (CAD $12,740) by the end of this year. A donation of any amount will go a long way in bringing closure to Hassan’s wrongful extradition!

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Hassan Diab’s Saga Continues, as French Court of Appeal Delays Decision

Statements of Hassan Diab and Don Bayne at Press Conference, Ottawa, October 26, 2018

On Friday October 26, the French Court of Appeal prolonged the decade-long ordeal of Dr. Hassan Diab and his family. Instead of upholding the decision of the French investigating judges who found powerful evidence of Hassan’s innocence and dismissed all allegations against him, the Court of Appeal ordered a review of handwriting analysis that was used to extradite Hassan in 2014. This is the same handwriting analysis that was described as “totally flawed” by four internationally-renowned handwriting experts, and described as “very problematic”, “convoluted”, “illogical”, and “suspect” by the Canadian extradition judge.

Hassan’s lawyers in France remarked that after 38 years and “since no one was indicted, the Court of Appeal is clinging on to Hassan Diab… because of the judges’ fear to be accused of laxity in the context of today’s fight against terrorism in France.

Don Bayne, Hassan’s lawyer in Canada, said, “There are pressures in France, obviously some of them political, to keep this case going to satisfy some of the public outrage that has been generated.”

Hassan Diab, as well as numerous human rights and civil society groups, are renewing their calls on the Canadian government to conduct an independent public inquiry into Hassan’s extradition and review Canada’s Extradition Act, so no other Canadian would go through what Hassan and his family had to endure.


French Court of Appeal Decision Expected on October 26, 2018

Photo Credit: CBC News, May 2018

On Friday October 26, 2018, the French court of appeal will rule to uphold or overturn a decision by two French investigating judges in January of this year to dismiss the case against Dr. Hassan Diab, allowing him to return to his home in Canada.

The investigating judges have found that there is consistent evidence that Hassan was in Lebanon at the time of the 1980 bombing that tragically killed four people and injured dozens. They also notably underlined the numerous contradictions and misstatements contained in the anonymous intelligence, and cast serious doubts about its reliability. The investigating judges also stressed that all fingerprint and palm print analysis excluded Hassan. However, despite conceding that there is credible evidence excluding Hassan, the French prosecutor appealed the dismissal decision and asked the Court of Appeal to put Diab on trial.

On the day of the decision (October 26), at 11:00 am Eastern, the Hassan Diab Support Committee will hold a press conference to comment on the decision and respond to questions from the media. Don Bayne (Diab’s Canadian lawyer), Alex Neve (Secretary General of Amnesty International, Canada), and Hassan Diab will speak at the press conference.

What: Press conference on the French Court of Appeal decision in Hassan Diab’s case
Where: Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario
When: Friday October 26, 2018, 11:00 am Eastern Time

You can watch the press conference live via a live-steam provided by the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG). To watch the live-stream, go to the ICLMG Facebook page:
The live-stream will be the top post on the page. Alternatively, you may access the live-stream by clicking on the “videos” link on the left side of the page.

Thank You for Signing Parliamentary Petition Calling for Public Inquiry

Many thanks to everyone who signed our petition calling on the Government of Canada to conduct a thorough and independent public inquiry into Dr. Hassan Diab’s extradition case! The petition will be presented in Parliament soon after the House returns from summer break.

Let’s reform Canada’s Extradition Act to make sure that no other Canadian would go through the unjust extradition process that Hassan and his family have endured!

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Please Sign Parliamentary Petition and Help Reform Canada’s Extradition Act

Please sign our petition calling on the Government of Canada to conduct a thorough and independent public inquiry into Dr. Hassan Diab’s extradition case.
The petition closes on September 13, 2018, at 2:41 pm (EDT).

We would greatly appreciate if you would sign the petition and encourage people you know to sign before the deadline. Please help us make sure that no other Canadian would go through the unjust extradition process that Hassan and his family have endured.

Many thanks to everyone who already signed!

If you are not sure whether you already signed this petition, please take a minute and try signing it again. The petition will inform you if you’ve already signed.

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