eBulletin – December 19, 2010

“Stop Unjust Extradition Proceedings”

In this issue:

1 – Court Update
2 – Court Notebook
3 – Sign Our Statement
4 – Postcards

****************** 1. COURT UPDATE *******************

Come to Court (161 Elgin Street, Ottawa), and show your support for Dr. Hassan Diab.

The extradition hearing will resume on Monday December 20, 2010.

Cross-examination of defense handwriting expert, Mr. Brian Lindblom, will start at 10:00 am and is expected to conclude by 12:30 pm.

The testimony of Mr. John Paul Osborn, the second of three defence handwriting experts, is scheduled to start at 2:15 pm. Mr. Osborn’s testimony is expected to continue through Wednesday December 22.

In his technical review of the French handwriting report, Mr. Osborn observed:

“It is [my opinion] that the instructions to the examiner included within the report, the basis for the conclusions rendered in the report and the terminology employed to express those conclusions were grossly inadequate and the methodology employed was both clearly inappropriate and utterly biased towards a specific conclusion. Furthermore, [I am] of the opinion that the report itself was created in a manner intended to confuse the lay reader as a means by which to mask the egregious flaws in methodology and the conclusions rendered.”

***************** 2. COURT NOTEBOOK *****************

**************** 3. SIGN OUR STATEMENT ****************

Endorse our statement, “A Shock to our Conscience and an Affront to Liberty”, and take a firm public stand against abusive extradition proceedings and the use of secret, unsourced intelligence as evidence.

  • To endorse the statement, send an email to diabsupport@gmail.com and let us know that you wish to sign the statement.

******************* 4. POSTCARDS ********************

Help us distribute postcards calling for an end to unjust extradition proceedings against Hassan Diab.

To request postcards, send an email to justiceforhassandiab.org@gmail.com, indicating the number of postcards you wish to order and your mailing address.

An image of the postcard is at:

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