Canada’s Extradition Act is in Need of
Urgent Reform

“Canada’s primary obligation is to protect the rights of people here, and that’s why we are continuing to push for reform to the Extradition Act itself in order to ensure that individuals in Canada who are sought for trial in a foreign state benefit from a fair process, instead of their surrender being a virtual certainty…

The balance between Canada’s duty to protect its citizens and residents, and its interest in cooperating with foreign states on extradition is severely out of whack. Change is urgently needed to prevent innocent people from having their lives irrevocably overturned in the way that Dr. Diab, Dr. Tfaily, and their children’s have.”

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“A Decade’s Ordeal: The Case of Dr. Hassan Diab and the Need for Reform in Canada’s Extradition Law”, by Josh Paterson, Executive Director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association, December 3, 2018.