A Canadian in Paris: Hassan Diab’s Indefinite Jail Journey

“A Canadian in Paris: Hassan Diab’s Indefinite Jail Journey”
Article by Matthew Behrens in Rabble.ca

“[Hassan] Diab now sits in a cell in the largest prison in Europe for 20 hours a day. This is directly due to the fact that in 2011, Ontario Court judge Robert Maranger upheld the extradition order, despite his conclusion that the case against Diab was ‘weak,’ ‘suspect,’ and ‘confusing,’ concluding ‘the case presented by the Republic of France against Mr. Diab is a weak case; the prospects of conviction in the context of a fair trial, seem unlikely’…

His supporters fear that he will not receive a fair trial in France’s much-criticized anti-terrorism courts. Indeed, Human Rights Watch noted that French ‘decisions to arrest suspects and place them under formal investigation are based on a low standard of proof’…”

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