Changing Political Climate Could Hurt Chances of Fair Trial

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“[Hassan Diab] was extradited to France despite Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger expressing grave concerns the evidence presented against Diab was ‘convoluted and confusing (with) suspect conclusions’.

French prosecutors continue to rely on that evidence, and an order that would have freed Diab on bail was recently overturned, sending the Ottawa academic back to his Paris jail cell despite the opinion of a French judge who ordered bail after investigating the case and finding “consistent evidence” that Diab is telling the truth, that he was not in France at the time of the bombing that killed four and wounded more that 40 others.

Now, fearing the implications a changing global political climate may have on the case, the Justice for Hassan Diab group hopes the Canadian government will apply whatever necessary pressure to ensure Diab’s right to fair judicial process…”

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