eBulletin – December 12, 2010

“Stop Unjust Extradition Proceedings”

In this issue:

1 – Court Update
2 – Join Our Rally
3 – Court Notebook
4 – Friends of Hassan Diab Blog

****************** 1. COURT UPDATE *******************

On December 6, 2010, the Court ruled that Dr. Hassan Diab’s defence may call three handwriting experts to testify at the extradition hearing. Crown Attorneys representing France have characterized the handwriting evidence as “the smoking gun” in the case.

Mr. Brian Lindblom, a renowned handwriting expert and a former RCMP document examiner, will appear as the first defence expert to testify regarding the manifest unreliability of the handwriting evidence submitted by French investigators.

In a report filed with the Court, Mr. Lindblom states that the French handwriting analyst’s opinions are “patently unreliable and, for the most part, unsupportable even by her own observations”. Mr. Lindblom concludes, “It is unreasonable to expect that any qualified examiner would reach such findings using the same materials provided to [the analyst].”

Mr. Lindblom’s testimony will be start at 9:30 am on Monday December 13, 2010, at the Ontario Superior Court, courtroom #34, 161 Elgin Street, Ottawa.

****************** 2. JOIN OUR RALLY ******************

Join our rally at 9:15 am on Monday December 13, 2010, outside the courthouse at 161 Elgin Street, Ottawa. After the rally, at 9:30 am, we will accompany Hassan into the courtroom to show our support.

***************** 3. COURT NOTEBOOK ******************

November 29 – December 3, 2010: Court Hears Arguments Regarding Admissibility of Defence Handwriting Evidence:


December 6, 2010: Court Allows Hassan’s Defence to Call Handwriting Experts:


************ 4. FRIENDS OF HASSAN DIAB BLOG ************

Read the latest blog at Friends of Hassan Diab, “A Conclusion in Search of Facts”, by Rachel Anjorin:


“Sadly and unfairly, the Canadian extradition process is not designed to take into account the mountain of exonerating evidence. The legal process is driven by whatever information the French investigators choose to keep within the four corners of a document known as the Record of Case. The French investigators and the Canadian Crown Attorneys representing them remain single-mindedly focused on the task of getting Hassan to France, no matter how clear it is that they are barking up the wrong tree.”

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