eBulletin – January 2, 2011

“Stop Unjust Extradition Proceedings”

In this issue:

1 – Court Update
2 – Court Notebook
3 – Donate to Hassan’s Legal Defence Fund

******************** 1. COURT UPDATE *********************

Come to Court and show your support for Dr. Hassan Diab.

Hassan’s extradition hearing will resume at 10:00 am on Tuesday January 4, 2011. The hearing is taking place at the Ontario Superior Court, 161 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario.

Starting Tuesday January 4, Mr. Robert Radley, the last of three defence handwriting experts, will testify about the manifestly unreliable handwriting report submitted by French investigators. The report purports to link Hassan to 5 words on the hotel registration card that the presumptive Rue Copernic bomber wrote in 1980.

Mr. Radley is an internationally renowned handwriting expert with over 30 years of experience in the field. He has dealt with many handwriting analysis cases emanating from more than 30 countries, and worked in many of the Government and private laboratories in those countries.

In his technical review of the report by the French handwriting analyst, Mr. Radley observes:

  • “I find this whole report unacceptable and not what I would expect from a trained competent expert. I find the methodology, and consequently any opinions based thereon, fatally flawed and lacking in objectivity, reliability and accuracy.”
  • “[The handwriting analyst’s] general methodology is fundamentally flawed as illustrated by a large combination of factors and practices which I find wholly out of keeping with good conventional practices.”
  • “[The handwriting analyst’s] knowledge of even the most basic points such as attributes of writing instruments… points to a poor knowledge of the basics of the subject.”
  • “In over 30 years of dealing with casework and having to produce critiques on literally hundreds of Police Laboratory reports, I have never had to express criticism in such robust terms. I wish to stress that this is not because I have been hired by one side or the other side but this is a truly held reflection of the review, such is the degree of unacceptability of virtually the entirety of the report.”

******************* 2. COURT NOTEBOOK *****************

December 20-22, 2010: Mr. John Paul Osborn Testifies about the Unreliability of the Handwriting “Evidence”



As we welcome the arrival of a New Year, we offer hearty thanks to Hassan’s supporters for opposing the encroachment of secret, unsourced intelligence into Canada’s legal system and the erosion of human rights through abusive extradition proceedings.

Please consider extending your support through a donation to Hassan’s legal defense fund.

The two-plus year legal battle and the monthly GPS monitoring fee have exhausted Hassan’s financial resources. He urgently needs donations to succeed in his struggle for justice—a struggle we all have a stake in!

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