Hassan Diab Documentary Project – Final Days of Indiegogo Campaign

December 16, 2015

Dear Friends and Supporters,

There are only 4 days left in our Indiegogo campaign to raise $15,000 for the Hassan Diab Documentary Project. The campaign ends on Sunday, December 20. We have raised $14,770 on Indiegogo so far.


Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has already contributed!

Donations in excess of $15,000 will go towards Hassan’s legal defence.

Hassan marks 13 months in pretrial detention in a prison near Paris. No trial date has been set, and Hassan faces the prospect of remaining in pretrial detention two or more years. We must make sure Hassan receives a fair process and is not wrongfully convicted!

Scarred for Life
By Hassan Diab

I have to admit
It was hard and painful to write
Like a rusty knife in the heart
Writing is beautiful but in these times
It is agonizing
To expose your pain
And lay it bare for all to see
It is easier when it is kept inside
You can pretend it is all a dream
What can I say? Who would listen?
To shouts of injustice
Do they travel far? Do they travel wide?
There are many out there
But who would listen?
Please tell me that someone will
Please tell me that justice will prevail
Otherwise, it is a very dark world

For more of Hassan’s poems, see:


Hassan and his family are truly grateful for your support, which gives Hassan a real chance to return home. Thank you for supporting the Hassan Diab Documentary Project. We look forward to sharing the documentary in the New Year.


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