August 9: 1,000 Days in Prison
Phone PM Trudeau to Free Hassan Diab!

August 4, 2017

Dear Supporters,

On Wednesday August 9, 2017, Hassan Diab will have spent 1,000 days in prison in France, despite documented and compelling evidence of his innocence.

A French investigating judge found consistent evidence supporting Hassan’s innocence, and concluded that Hassan was not in France in October 1980. Hassan was ordered released on bail SIX times by various French judges. However, the French prosecutor appealed each time, and the Court of Appeal overturned every release order due to the political climate in France. To this day, Hassan remains locked up in a French prison cell, 20 hours a day, deprived of his freedom and torn from his family and home in Canada.

Therefore we ask you, please, on Wednesday August 9, the 1,000th day of Hassan’s unjust imprisonment, to telephone the office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and insist politely but firmly that the Prime Minister intervene with the French government and ask for Hassan’s immediate release and return to his home in Canada.

We want to have as many of these calls made as possible, coming from all over the country and beyond, all on the same day (August 9). How would the PM be able to ignore this?

(If you are unable to make the call on August 9, please make it whenever it is convenient for you.)

Here is the contact information:

PM Justin Trudeau, House of Commons:
Phone: 1 (613) 992-4211
Fax: 1 (613) 941-6900 (if you wish)

Constituency Office (Papineau, Quebec):
Phone: 1 (514) 277-6020

When you call, you will probably be transferred to leave your message on an answering machine, which is fine. Please, be sure to say your name and give your phone number.

Here is an example of a message you can leave, but please feel free to use your own wording. Even one sentence, asking the PM to intervene and bring Hassan home, is fine.

Template Message:

“Hello. My name is _____________.

I am a supporter of Dr. Hassan Diab, the Canadian who is languishing in prison in France.

Hassan has been in prison for too long, for 1,000 days, despite the fact that he is innocent.

I am calling to urge Prime Minister Trudeau to intervene and bring Hassan back to his home in Canada.

The Canadian government extradited Hassan. The government has a moral obligation to protect Hassan’s basic human rights and bring him home.

I look forward to your response. My phone number is _____________.”

With much appreciation,

Ria Heynen
Hassan Diab Support Committee

* * * * * * *

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