Thank You for Donating to Hassan Diab’s Legal Defence in France

January 25, 2019

Dear Friends and Supporters,

A BIG Thank You for your very generous donations to Hassan Diab’s legal defence in France! To date, we have raised CAD $28,770.00, or about 96 percent of what we need to cover the latest bill of CAD $30,000.00.

We are very grateful to be part of such a caring and justice-minded community. Without you, an innocent man would still be languishing in jail in France.

All the money raised goes to cover legal fees that Hassan is incurring in France because of the French prosecutor’s appeal of Hassan’s release.

In January 2018, French investigating judges cleared Hassan unconditionally of all accusations, allowing him to return to his home in Canada. However, the prosecutor’s appeal continues to prolong his ordeal, burdening his family with additional legal fees.

If you wish to donate to Hassan Diab’s legal defence in France, please visit:

Thank you again. We are deeply grateful for your support!


Hassan Diab Support Committee

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