Extraditing Hassan Diab a second time
would be a travesty

By Mira Sucharov and Bernie Farber

The freedom of one Canadian citizen is again being threatened, and with it, the integrity of Canadian democracy. With formal charges having been laid against a Canadian citizen by France, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ability to stand up in the face of injustice – and in the face of a bullying ally – is again being put to the test…

Some might argue that a criminal trial is the best place for Mr. Diab to finally prove his innocence. And others might point to the Segal report of 2019, which exonerated Canada for acceding to the 2014 extradition request. Those people might suggest that Mr. Trudeau should grant France’s request for an extradition if and when the time comes. But here’s the thing. Democracies must refuse an extradition request if there are serious concerns about the likelihood of a fair trial. Enough evidence in Mr. Diab’s ordeal – particularly evidence that came to light after the 2014 extradition – persuades us that he very well may not receive a fair trial in France…

We agree with Mr. Trudeau’s words that such a travesty should not happen again. Given the questionable methods of the French prosecution going back over a decade, we call on the Canadian government to protect this Canadian citizen and refuse any request for his extradition.

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Français: Extrader Hassan Diab une seconde fois serait une parodie de justice