Hassan Diab Files Civil Claim Regarding
His Extradition

On Friday February 7, Hassan Diab’s civil lawyer filed a statement of claim in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice regarding Hassan’s extradition in 2014. At a press conference that day, Hassan stated:

“Since my release in 2018, we have called for a public inquiry into the case – the government has said No. We’ve called for reforms to Canada’s extradition law – the government has taken no meaningful action. Now, we are left with no choice but to seek justice through the courts. The reality is that my ordeal could have been prevented. And I am here to ensure that no Canadian ever has to go through the same experience again.”

It’s important that we continue to hold government officials accountable so that no one in Canada would have to suffer through the ordeal that Hassan and his family had to endure for over 10 years.

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Video of the Press Conference:

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