Deeply Honoured to Receive the
2018 Reg Rob Award from the
BC Civil Liberties Association!

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We are deeply honoured and delighted that Hassan Diab, Rania Tfaily, and Don Bayne will receive the 2018 Reg Robson award from the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) on behalf of the Hassan Diab Support Committee.

The Reg Robson award is given annually to honour substantial contributions to the cause of civil liberties in British Columbia and Canada. This is the BCCLA’s longest standing and most prestigious award.

The Hassan Diab Support Committee, led by Hassan’s wife Rania and counselled by Don Bayne for ten years (on a pro bono basis), played an instrumental role in the release of Hassan from a French jail in 2018 and his return to his home and family in Canada. Mr. Bayne’s and the committee’s successful efforts to free Hassan from his unjust imprisonment are an inspiration, and their ongoing challenge to the unfairness of Canada’s Extradition Act has a profound impact on Canadian public life. They exemplify what it means to be human rights champions.

For more information, visit:

Hassan Diab Support Committee