Imagine a Life Like This:
The Relentless Persecution of Hassan Diab

Video edited by Merna Emara, produced by Natali Trivuncic, and narrated by Roger Clark

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Dr. Hassan Diab is Canadian citizen and sociology professor who lives in Ottawa, Canada. He was wrongfully extradited to France in November 2014 for alleged involvement in a bombing on Rue Copernic in Paris in 1980. He was held for more than three years in a prison near Paris while the investigation continued. In January of 2018, two French investigative judges determined that there was no evidence linking Hassan to the bombing, and he was released unconditionally and returned to his home in Canada.

However, due to political pressure, French prosecutors appealed Hassan’s release, and despite a wealth of evidence exonerating him, the French judiciary set an April 2023 date for trying Hassan for a crime he did not commit.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government must stop the relentless persecution of Hassan, and declare publicly that Canada will not entertain another request for Hassan’s extradition.

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Hassan Diab Support Committee