Jewish Law and Our Most Cherished Traditions Require Justice for Hassan Diab

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“[W]e must not remain silent as Canadian citizen and Ottawa professor Hassan Diab faces conviction in France for a gruesome crime for which no credible evidence against him has been presented…

Recent developments in Diab’s case reinforce the need to end his Kafkaesque nightmare. A French judge ordered Diab’s release on bail due to doubts about the evidence in the case. On May 14, 2016, Hassan was released on bail. The prosecutor appealed the judge’s decision and, after spending 10 days out of prison, Hassan was ordered to return to prison. It was an injustice to extradite him in the first place, and it is an injustice to keep him incarcerated while France continues a 35-year investigation.

It has become obvious that broad and sustained pressure in both Canada and France is needed so Diab receives a fair process and is allowed to return to his home and family in Canada. Otherwise, Diab will be wrongfully convicted of a crime to which he has no connection.”

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