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We urge you to sign our new Parliamentary petition calling upon the Government of Canada to work towards the immediate granting of bail to Hassan Diab and securing his return to his family and home in Canada. To sign the petition, please go to:

The petition can be signed by Canadian citizens or residents.

Dr. Hassan Diab is a Canadian sociology professor who was unjustly extradited from Canada to France in November 2014. Since then, he has been languishing in a prison cell in France, deprived of his freedom and torn from his family and home in Canada, while the French authorities continue their investigation.

Since his detention, Hassan has been ordered released on bail five times by three different French judges. As recently as April 3rd of this year, the French investigative judge ordered Hassan’s release on the grounds that there is “consistent evidence” that Hassan is innocent of involvement in the bombing outside a Paris Synagogue in 1980. However, each time the prosecutor appealed and the Court of Appeal judges have overturned Hassan’s release.

William Bourdon, Hassan’s lawyer in France remarked: “Hassan Diab’s situation is unprecedented. After 36 years and since no one else was indicted, the court of appeal is clinging to Hassan Diab. He is detained because of the judges’ fear to be accused for laxity in the context of today’s fight against terrorism in France. Such a situation would be inconceivable in an ordinary law situation.”

Don Bayne, Hassan’s Canadian lawyer, said, “It is past time that our government – a government of rights and freedoms for its citizens – moved to help free this man.”

Please share the Parliamentary petition with your family, friends, and social media, so we can collect the greatest number of signatures possible on the Parliamentary petitionbefore it closes on July 11th.

Thank you.

Hassan Diab Support Committee