Politics Trumps Justice: In a shocking decision, France’s Court of Cassation upholds Court of Appeal decision ordering Dr. Diab to stand trial

Today, in yet another shocking decision, France’s highest court, the Court of Cassation, upheld the Court of Appeal decision (of January 27, 2021) ordering Dr. Hassan Diab to stand trial. As documented by Don Bayne, Hassan’s lawyer in Canada, the Court of Appeal misrepresented evidence, misstated facts, relied on discredited evidence, made up non-existent evidence, and engaged in contradictory reasoning and troubling analysis based on unfounded speculation.

France’s Advocate General had asked the Court of Cassation to reject the Court of Appeal decision due to its contradictory reasoning and failure to address important issues raised by the defense. Despite this recommendation and all the exonerating evidence, the Court of Cassation decided to allow the case to go to trial.

Don Bayne remarked that “the Court of Cassation decision is inexplicable – even the French Advocate General agreed that the Court of Appeal decision is defective and should be quashed. The travesty of justice continues despite clear evidence of Hassan’s innocence. This shows how political pressure trumps justice. We call upon Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to put an end to this miscarriage of justice.”

Tim McSorley, National Coordinator of the International Civil Liberties Group (a coalition of 45 Canadian civil society groups) stated, “With so many troubling issues in the French courts regarding Hassan Diab’s case, it is impossible to trust that he will receive a fair trial. What Canadians do have control over, though, is what happens in Canada. That is why we are calling on Prime Minister Trudeau today to state in the strongest possible terms to his French counterparts that the persecution of Hassan Diab must end.”

In this relentless cycle of injustice, it is vital that we exert every ounce of pressure on the Canadian government and demand that it intervene to rescue Dr. Diab from groundless persecution and wrongful conviction. He and his family have suffered long enough!

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