Statement of Support for
Dr. Hassan Diab by Solidaires Union in France

We condemn the wrongful termination of Professor Diab from Carleton University on the basis of an extradition request which neither respects the independence of the University nor the presumption of innocence of a man who has never been convicted of any crime. We condemn the fierceness of the French judicial system based on a weak case against a man who is not allowed to defend himself.

We strongly condemn that secret information from unidentified sources, that may have been obtained under torture, can be used at court in France.

We call for the immediate reinstatement of Mr. Diab at the University and the removal of his electronic bracelet.

We call for an end to this hell inflicted upon Hassan Diab, and the end of the extradition request, as serious and transparent evidence as well as expertise of good quality have not been put forward, and as elements in defense of Mr. Diab have not been considered.

We must ensure that the real perpetrators of the Rue Copernic crime are brought to justice, but prosecution based on such a weak case cannot lead to the truth.

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