No Summer Holidays for
Hassan Diab!

July 17, 2017

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Let me begin with a BIG “Thank You” to all of you who donated to the “Bring Hassan Home” 2017 Fundraising Campaign. Thank you for your generosity and thank you for the heartwarming notes we received from so many of you. Be assured we pass these on to Hassan.

Yes, we are getting closer to our goal of raising CAD $40,000 for Hassan’s legal defence in France.

We are now at the CAD $28,260 mark — 71% of the way.
Can we count on your support to help us reach our goal?

For more information on how to donate, please visit:

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It is hard to believe that Dr. Hassan Diab has been languishing in prison in France, since November 14, 2014 (2 years and 8 months!), despite evidence of his innocence and despite the fact that he has been ordered released on bail six times.

In total, Hassan has spent the last nine years of his life either in jail or under draconian bail conditions (in Canada).

Such a shame. How can our Canadian Government allow the incarceration of an innocent Canadian to continue?

You may have seen the July 10th Op-Ed piece in the Toronto Star:

“Ottawa must seek justice for Hassan Diab”
By Bernie M. Farber and Mira Sucharov

We need to put more pressure on Prime Minister Trudeau, as well as the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Justice, and demand that they work to get Hassan back home to his family in Canada.

Here are suggestions about what you can do.

1. Talk to PM Trudeau. As you may know, in the coming two months, Mr. Trudeau will be criss-crossing the country, participating in community breakfasts, BBQs, etc. What if Hassan’s supporters make sure to be there and ask the Prime Minister some potent questions like, “What are you doing to Bring Hassan Diab home?” You might offer the PM some background information, for example the Op-Ed in the Toronto Star mentioned above. It will not be easy to find out where Mr. Trudeau will be at any given time, since apparently his itinerary is not revealed until the day before (see So keep an eye on your local news to find out where Mr. Trudeau will be.

2. Talk to your MP. Most Members of Parliament organise public events during the summer. This is an opportunity to ask your MP questions regarding what they know about Hassan’s case and urge them to take action. You can check your MP’s personal web page, and request to join his/her mailing list so you would receive information on upcoming events they are organising.

To find out who your MP is based on your postal code, please visit:

3. Write letters to PM Trudeau and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Justice. In your letters, please urge the PM and the Ministers to bring Hassan back to his home and family in Canada. Address your letters to:

Any action you take can bring Hassan closer to freedom. Pressure on our Government is the most important thing we as Canadians can do.

Can we count on you?

With much appreciation, and wishing you a happy summer.

Ria Heynen
Hassan Diab Support Committee

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