How You Can Help

The unjust decision in January 2021 by a French Court of Appeal to send Hassan to trial prolongs a 13-year miscarriage of justice. The decision ignored overwhelming evidence of Hassan’s innocence, and engaged in contradictory reasoning and unfounded speculation. France’s avocat général had asked the Cour de Cassation to quash the Court of Appeal decision due to its legal flaws. However, the Cour de Cassation upheld the Court of Appeal decision.

Hassan’s Kafkaesque case highlights the human cost of unjust prosecution aided and abetted by an extradition law and process deficient in human rights protections.

We need to exert pressure on the Canadian government and demand that it intervene to end Dr. Diab’s unjust persecution and prevent his wrongful conviction.

1. SEND a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

2. PUBLICISE Hassan’s case on social media

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3. DONATE to Hassan’s ongoing legal defence in France

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Hassan Diab Support Committee