Thank You for Participating in the Phone-in to PM Trudeau

November 29, 2021

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thanks to everyone who participated in the phone-in on November 25 asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to honor his words from June 2018 and refuse any future request from France for the extradition of Dr. Hassan Diab. Your support is vital to protecting the rights of people in Canada against unjust prosecution and violation of fundamental rights.

If you haven’t called PM Trudeau yet, please do so. The Prime Minister’s contact information is included below, as well as a sample message in both English and French.

Here is a link to a media advisory about this important action:

Phone-In Information:

        Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
        Hill Office – House of Commons: (613) 992-4211
        Constituency Office (Montreal, Quebec): (514) 277-6020

When you call, you will probably be transferred to leave your message on an answering machine, which is fine. Please be sure to say your name and give your phone number.

Here is an example of a message you can leave, but please feel free to use your own words. Even one sentence, asking the PM to publicly declare Canada’s intent to refuse another request from France for Hassan’s extradition, will help!

Phone Message to PM Justin Trudeau:

“Hello. My name is _____________.

I am calling with an important message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

I am a supporter of Dr. Hassan Diab, the Canadian who remains in legal limbo as France continues to pursue the prosecution of an innocent man.

Mr. Trudeau, on June 20, 2018 you said: “I think, for Hassan Diab, we have to recognize first of all that what happened to him never should have happened […] and make sure that this never happens again.”

I urge you to publicly declare that Canada will protect Hassan, and refuse any future request from France for his extradition.

The government has a moral obligation to protect Hassan’s basic human rights.

Hassan and his family have suffered long enough!

I look forward to your response. My phone number is _____________.”

Message téléphonique pour PM Justin Trudeau

“Bonjour. Je m’appelle _____________.

Je vous appelle afin de laisser un message pour le premier ministre Justin Trudeau.

J’appuie la cause de Hassan Diab, ce professeur canadien poursuivi à tort par la France, malgré son innocence évidente.

Le 20 juin 2018, M. Trudeau, vous avez affirmé : « Quant à Hassan Diab, nous devons d’emblée reconnaître que ce qui lui est arrivé n’aurait pas dû se produire […] et nous devons nous assurer que cela ne se reproduira plus jamais. »

Je vous exhorte à déclarer publiquement que le Canada protègera M. Diab, un de ses citoyens, et refusera toute demande future de l’extrader vers la France.

Le gouvernement du Canada a l’obligation morale de protéger les droits de M. Diab.

Hassan Diab et sa famille ont déjà trop souffert !

J’espère une réponse positive de votre part. Mon numéro de téléphone est _____________.

Postcards in Support of Hassan Diab

Postcards calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to protect Hassan Diab from ongoing persecution are available at Octopus Books, 116 Third Avenue, Ottawa. Please drop by Octopus Books to sign a postcard, and get extra postcards to share with friends.

If you are not in the Ottawa area, you can order postcards by sending an email to with your postal mailing address and the number of postcards you’d like to receive, and we will gladly mail postcards to you.

You can see a photo of the postcard (front and back): here.

No postage is necessary to mail the postcard from Canada.

Thank you for your continued support!

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