Hassan Diab Speaks Out

For the first time, Dr. Hassan Diab spoke out publically about his Kafkaesque nightmare. Check out his interview with Chris Cobb and the video clip that appeared in the Ottawa Citizen today (see links below).

For over three years, Hassan Diab has endured surveillance, detention, very strict bail conditions, loss of employment, and the depletion of his financial resources. Yet he is determined to fight his extradition to France for a crime he is innocent of.

On June 6, a judge decided to commit Hassan to extradition on the basis of handwriting analysis that the judge himself described as “convoluted”, “very confusing”, and “with conclusions that are suspect”. The judge wrote that he felt obliged under Ontario’s interpretation of Canada‚Äôs extradition law to commit Hassan.

Later this year, the Canadian Justice Minister, Rob Nicholson, will decide whether to surrender Hassan to extradition. In the meantime, Hassan is seeking to appeal his committal order.

‘I know I had nothing to do with this’

Exclusive: Hassan Diab speaks

Video Clip