Michael Enright on
the appalling treatment of Hassan Diab

Put him on trial or send him home: Michael Enright on the appalling treatment of Hassan Diab
CBC Radio – The Sunday Edition
September 17, 2017

For the past three years, [Hassan Diab] has been sitting in a Paris prison cell.

He has never been brought to trial.

In France, magistrates investigate crimes in much the same way our police do. Investigating magistrates have repeatedly called for Diab’s release on the grounds that there is consistent and corroborated evidence that he never committed the crime.

One judge found that on the evening of the attack, Hassan Diab was studying in Beirut.

The judge wryly commented: ‘This calls into question information implicating him in the attack, since this relies on his presence in France during this period.’

Another judge has tried five or six times to have him released…

First and foremost, why hasn’t the French government released [Hassan] after so many judges said he was not guilty?…

And secondly, why has the Canadian government not vigorously pressed for Professor Diab’s release given that the only evidence at the extradition hearing was dubious at best?

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