Video of Press Conference on January 25, 2022, Commenting on France Setting Trial Date

On January 25, 2022, the Hassan Diab Support Committee and the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG) held a press conference commenting on the setting of a date (April 2023) for the trial of Dr. Hassan Diab.

This is a shocking and inexplicable reversal of the January 2018 decision clearing Dr. Diab of all accusations and freeing him unconditionally. France continues its baseless prosecution more than four years after Hassan was exonerated by French anti-terrorism magistrates.

At the press conference, Tim McSorley (National Coordinator, ICLMG), Jo Wood (representing the Hassan Diab Support Committee), Alex Neve (Former Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada, Senior Fellow at the University of Ottawa, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs), and Rob Currie (Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University), commented on the shocking implications for Dr. Diab and his family.

A copy of the media advisory about the press conference is available: here